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Admission open for all the classes from 18 February 2020. Registration forms are available at school office. There will be entrance exam except for class NC. Hurry up! Limited seats are available. . Syllabus for PT4 are available now on website

Founded in 1999 GREEN VALLEY CONVENT includes the holistic development of its student towards enriching the quality of life. The purpose of education is manifold. Literacy and employment are its primary aims. Another purpose is to make students capable of living their lives fully at all levels of their personalities. They should be able to face numerous the challenges of life and carve out a purposeful future for themselves. At yet another level, the purpose of education is to groom students in noble culture values. In the absence of this culture, knowledge itself and materialistic prosperity can become a weapon of destruction instead of means of blessing to humanity. Keeping all the aforesaid in view, children get the most advanced education at G.V.C in an atmosphere of rich Indian culture. I am very grateful to each and every member of the G.V.C. I would also like to thanks all the parents for their support through all the years. I wish all the students a very successful future. Your dreams are our inspiration and the students achieving outstanding success are our testimonials.



Pen of President

Mr. Tariq Kamal KhanEmail : saukic@gmail.com

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